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Medical Assistant (MA) – Hybrid

Medical Assistant (MA) - Hybrid

Combining online and in-person learning with just two half-days of in-person classes each week provides students with a flexible and balanced educational experience

Medical Assistant Course

Are you passionate about healthcare and eager to embark on a fulfilling career in the medical field? Our Medical Assistant Course is designed to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to excel in this dynamic profession.

A Medical Assistant plays a crucial role in the healthcare industry, serving as a versatile and indispensable member of the medical team. Their responsibilities encompass a wide range of clinical and administrative tasks, all aimed at ensuring the smooth operation of healthcare facilities and providing quality patient care.

100% Pass rate on National exam

98% Employment rate

Course Highlights:

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Our program covers a wide range of essential topics, including medical terminology, anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, and clinical procedures.
  • Hands-on Training: Gain valuable practical experience through hands-on training in real medical settings, allowing you to apply what you’ve learned in a supportive environment.
  • Experienced Instructors: Learn from experienced healthcare professionals who are dedicated to your success and will provide guidance throughout your journey.
  • Patient Interaction: Develop strong communication and interpersonal skills to effectively interact with patients, making their healthcare experience more comfortable and reassuring.
  • Certification Preparation: Prepare for industry-recognized certifications such as Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA)
  • Career Support: Benefit from career guidance, job placement assistance, and networking opportunities to help you secure a rewarding position in medical assisting.
  • Flexible Learning: Our flexible scheduling options, including online coursework, accommodate your busy life while ensuring a quality education.
Upon completion of our Medical Assistant Course, you’ll be well-prepared to assist healthcare providers, manage administrative tasks, and make a positive impact on patient care.
Embark on a path to a successful and meaningful healthcare career today. Join our Medical Assistant Course and become a vital part of the healthcare team.
Enroll now to start your journey toward becoming a skilled and compassionate Medical Assistant.


  • 18 yrs. or older by the first day of class
  • High school diploma/GED
  • Must pass a background check prior to the clinical experience. A criminal record does not immediately disqualify you from Medical Assistant training but may interfere and limit the clinical placement and future job opportunities.
  • Non-refundable enrollment fee of $ 150 due at the time of enrollment
  • Upon request from the clinical site:
    • Copy of immunizations (Documentation of two MMRs or positive titers;  Series of three Hepatitis B, or titer indicating immunity, or a signed waiver; current tetanus or Tdap; Varicella status:  positive history, vaccination or titer indicating immunity.  If negative history – immunization is strongly recommended)
    • Negative TB test

Clock Hours

Lecture: 300
Lab: 240
Clinical Practicum: 180
Total Clock Hours: 720

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MA-C Course

  • Today’s Medical Assistant Version), 4th Edition
  • NHA Study Guide and Practice Exams
  • Lab Supplies

This course uses a combination of in-person and online lecture with discussion and feedback, textbooks, workbooks, supplemental handouts, group and peer discussion, instructor-led laboratory/clinical exercises, multi-media materials, PowerPoint presentations, and guest speakers. Although every attempt will be made by the instructor to cover assigned material in class, the student is responsible for all materials listed in the syllabus.

  • The required course completion consists of hours of classroom, online, lab, and externship
  • Demonstration of your comprehension of the classroom instruction by passing course quizzes and exams with a minimum of 70% average of the questions answered
  • Completion of externship

It is the responsibility of the student to secure and maintain access to required technology resources, including an internet connection, when taking a Sparrow Healthcare Education online or hybrid course.

An internet connection is necessary to participate in discussions and assignments, read emails, access course resources, and receive feedback from your instructor. A broadband internet connection with download and upload speeds greater than 25 Mbps is recommended.

A desktop or laptop computer is recommended for the best experience, some functionality is not compatible with phones or tablets.

Most courses include video lectures, instructional videos, etc. In order to access the audio portion of these videos it will require integrated or connected speakers.

Students enrolling in online or hybrid courses are expected to have a basic working knowledge of computers, internet use, and word processing.

All Sparrow Healthcare Education courses use the Moodle learning management system as the official platform for online instruction. A Moodle student app is available for Android and iOS.

Tuition Costs

  • Tuition: $4535
    • Includes class tuition, non-refundable registration fee ($100), badge & liability insurance.
  • Textbooks/Study Materials: $100
  • NHA Exam: $265
  • Background Check: $15
  • Scrubs: $35
  • BLS: $50.00


*Pay the Deposit to Secure Your Seat*


Other additional costs:

***Students will be responsible for the following other costs***

  • 2-step TB test for admittance: Variable
  • Vaccinations: Variable
  • Drug screen: Variable
  • Washington License: $145

On successful completion of the program, a Certification of Completion will be given to the student along with a copy of his/her transcript. Directives will also be provided on the process for applying for the standards of practice and competencies of Medication Assistant Certified and are consistent with curriculum requirements of WAC 246-841-586 through WAC 246-841-595 and WAC 246-841-610. The competencies per RCW 18.88A.082 are also met.

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