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CNA Skills Exam

WA Board of Nursing

Nursing Assistant Skills Testing

New process for the Nursing Assistant Exam

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) clarified that these types of facilities can take part in our new exam process:

  • Skilled nursing facilities
  • Nursing homes

Our thanks to DSHS for championing this request for clarification from CMS!


Washington is changing the process for completing the nursing assistant exam. The purpose is to increase students’ access to skills testing following graduation.

  • New process starts October 1, 2023.
  • Registration for October skills testing slots starts now. (See steps below.)

Important Information

  • Graduates beginning their testing process October 1 or later will take the skills test first.
    • Graduates are expected to pass the skills test before registering for the written test.
    • This change will save steps and time in testing and certification processes.
  •  For October skills test dates, many approved nursing assistant training programs will schedule and provide skills tests for their current and previous graduates.
    • View list of the programs ready to provide skills testing to their graduates.
    • More programs will begin providing skills testing in November or December.
    • By 2024, most programs will provide skills testing routinely immediately after graduation.
  • Graduates will no longer register for skills tests on Credentia365.
    • They will continue to use Credentia365 to get their Candidate Identification (ID) number and register for the written (or oral) exam.
  • For October skills test dates, graduates will use these new steps to register and test.

New Skills Test Registration Process

Step 1: Get a Credentia Candidate ID number. 

  • Create a Credentia365 account and verify your email address.
  • You need a Candidate ID number to:
    • Register for the skills test.
    • Register for the written (or oral) test.
    • Ensure your results are processed quickly.

Step 2: Register for the skills test.

  • Option A (Sparrow Students): Register with your training program
    • All Sparrow Students will register for testing with Sparrow.
    • Please wait for the program to contact you (or check the program’s website for information).
  • Option B: Register through WABON online scheduling if your training program is NOT providing skills testing at this time.

Step 3: Register for the written (or oral) test AFTER you pass the skills test.

Step 4: Apply for your nursing assistant-certified (NAC) credential with the Department of Health (DOH), if you have not already done so.

Other Information

  • Overall cost of the nursing assistant exam is the same, but the amounts paid for each part of the exam have changed.
    • Skills test fee will be $100.
    • Written (or oral) test fee will be $55.

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